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Managing Director


Kris is an experienced architect and leader specialising in business analytics and data architecture.

He has led teams to success in delivering strategic solutions across a broad range of industries and leading global organisations, including mining, manufacturing and utilities.

Kris has over 15 years experience implementing and maintaining SAP analytics solutions, and has more recently focussed on the introduction and uptake of Hadoop capabilities.

With a drive for delivering business value through the use of data and analytics, as well as pursuing the development of new technology, he has a keen passion for the progression of big data solutions in today’s organisations.





Harj is a leader in all aspects of Business Analytics, and has proven results in delivering strategic outcomes from both a technology and business value perspective.

His strong background in data and technology architecture provides a great foundation in understanding how data is best utilised in an organisation, especially the introduction of big data capabilities.

He values collaboration with honesty and forges key relationships with peers and technology partners with significant exposure as a thought leader through events and communities.

Shelley Chand-1


Director of Finance


Shelley has over 10 years’ experience within the IT and Business sector, specifically in business and program management.

She has been involved in the implementation of both cloud and mobile based data and analytics solutions, and has been integral to the development of metric excellence in ‘Procure to Pay’ environments.

She will not hesitate to ask the hard questions, and continually holds all parties to account to achieve an outstanding business result.

Shelley is most importantly outcome driven, and places the needs of the customer at the highest level.