Ignite Data Solutions | DATA OPTIMISATION
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We are experienced in designing, implementing and supporting solutions in data warehousing, analytics and big data.  Through this we have a broad understanding over a range of data platforms and the ability to integrate and support various use cases throughout an organisation.

We understand the difficulties around access across multiple platforms and can offer tailored solutions that provide a combined cohesive vision across an entire organisation.


In order to build an effective approach to data management you need an understanding of the different user personas in your business to ensure you are supporting the right analytical use cases with the correct data platforms and capabilities.

By using a tiered approach, we achieve a workable balance between scale and cost. Common architecture approaches often reference tiering by data temperature.  This is a consideration of data usage and as a result older data is moved lower down the stack to less expensive platforms

Our concern with this model is in the thinking that cold data platforms are static storage and never used.  Both warm and cold tiers of the architecture serve a critical purpose to enabling different use cases within the organisation and allow larger scale ad-hoc access and model development that becomes cost prohibitive at the hot layer

Gold / Hot Tier

  • Expensive, fast response
  • Highly used enterprise data sets
  • Business applications / models

Silver / Warm Tier

  • Moderate cost, less performance expectation
  • Medium use, more ad-hoc and in-frequent access

Bronze / Cold Tier

  • Massive scale storage and processing at lower cost
  • Low performance expectations (batch in nature)
  • Ad-hoc access across raw data sets
  • Allows an active archive for all data