Ignite Data Solutions | PERFORMANCE METRICS
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For us, measuring performance is about getting the metrics right at all levels of the organisation. Often the development of organisational performance measures focus too heavily on creating impressive visuals and worrying about the type of chart to display.


Within an organisation there are various levels of decision makers, each requiring a different view to manage performance. It is important to consider these personas and the level of visibility and outcome that each require.


 Traditional approaches to measuring organisational performance flow from the top down, from what a CEO or executive wants to measure, driving the need at each lower level to gather data and produce metrics. This can result in front-line resources and analysts spending additional effort to prepare data and charts that may seem to them, pointless or wasted effort. At an operational level performance management needs to focus on monitoring and executing day to day operations.  The ideal model will allow these metrics to roll up from these base levels, contributing to a consistent global measurement at each layer of the organisation.