Actionable Analytics

We see Actionable Analytics covering two key aspects to enable success in solving current and future challenges

Advanced Analytics: The application of data science techniques through short, sharp Proof of Values, to disrupt and grow your business.

Performance Intelligence: Having the right framework to measure, act and run your business.

The application of Advanced Analytics allows you to explore new insights and quickly prove the value of the next potential opportunity and a clear Performance Intelligence framework will allow for effective running of the business through metrics that align across the organisation for monitoring and analysis.

Advanced Analytics

The application of data science is generally the investigation and testing of a hypothesis to uncover an insight or attempt to solve an existing problem. The reality with any such testing is that the identification of value is not guaranteed, with the risk that if left open-ended can result in resource consuming, costly, and never ending analysis.

To reduce this risk, we approach this through the use of time-boxed ‘proof of value’ (POV) scenarios. With clearly defined timeframes and success criteria, we can prove potential value before moving forward into implementation of repeatable, and actionable insights.

  • Time-box effort in proving a scenario (typically 6 – 8 weeks depending on complexity).

  • Avoid the common pitfall of rabbit holes that quickly consume time for no value outcomes.

  • Accept that some scenarios/hypothesis eventually present little value or may struggle to be implemented in some organisations. Fail fast and move on.

  • Identify value and provide recommendations on implementation of repeatable models.

  • Provide understanding of one-off analysis and options for repeatable insights.

We understand it can be hard to take on all the risk if you are new to data science. We can run ideation sessions with you to help identify use cases and we are willing to put skin in the game through co-investment for new business challenges

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Performance Intelligence

Within an organisation there are various levels of decision makers, each requiring a different view to manage performance. It is important to consider these personas and the level of visibility and outcome that each require.

The ideal model will allow operational metrics for monitoring and executing day-to-day operations to roll up and align with strategic metrics coming down from the CEO or executive. We approach this through iterative workshops and positioning an end-to-end wireframe for the metric framework, mapped to data available in your organisation. 

This wireframe focuses on the right metrics, that can be accurately sourced and will provide the means to take action. 

Our approach is tool agnostic, focusing on the outcome and right measures for performance, rather than the tools and technology

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