Nutrien Ag Solutions: Expertise, pragmatic approach and a focus on business value

“Ignite’s frameworks are pretty unique and work really well. We got some great value for our business and kept the business owners engaged throughout the process.”

Sriram Kalyan
Senior Manager, IT Planning & Architecture

These are the three things that Sriram Kalyan, Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Senior Manager of IT Planning and Architecture, valued the most when working with the team at Ignite Data Solutions.

His team had been receiving a significant number of data requests from across the business and wanted to get some support in creating a qualified pipeline of projects. After receiving a recommendation from a peer in the industry, and assessing their options, Sriram and his team brought Ignite in to help. They decided to start the process with the Procurement function.

“Ignite worked closely with all of the procurement category leads. Harj, Ignite’s CEO, met each leader one on one to understand their key business requirements, KPIs and concerns,” says Sriram. "This set the scene for the two-day discovery workshop hosted by Ignite."

All areas of Nutrien’s diverse Procurement function were included – spanning Crop Chemicals, Water, Fertilisers, Proprietary Products and Seed. Ignite worked with all of them, to understand their current pain points and potential areas for growth. 

Due to COVID, the workshops had to be online. The workshops were run over two days.

“We were worried at first about them not being face to face but Ignite made it really work. Harj had some good engaging processes like moving people around virtual breakout rooms so the idea generation phase wasn’t dominated by individuals. This culminated in some fantastic ideas and really useful cases,” says Sriram.


The workshops resulted in five use cases that were identified as able to add value to the organisation. Ignite helped to determine the value, validating these as commercial benefits, or other tangible benefits like saving time or minimising risks. 

From this pipeline, Sriram’s team have progressed three projects and are working internally to refine and prove their value. Then the team will deploy the solutions internally. 

“Ignite brought the expertise, a pragmatic approach and a focus on getting to the business value. This always comes before jumping straight into the technical solution, with Ignite. And they have experience working in our industry – and that showed,” adds Sriram.

What's Next?

Nutrien Ag Solutions will look at working through a similar process with other areas of the business to identify more opportunities in using data to drive business value. And they will look to Ignite to help them.

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