Our Values

Our values come from all members of Ignite, discussing what is really important to us and our team – family, the ability to laugh, reflect and be ourselves.

Our values describe us, and let you know the type of company you are partnering with.

Openness and honesty

We trust each other implicitly with all aspects of what we do and will call a spade a spade when the hard words need to be said. And surprises – no one really likes those, so they aren’t an option at all.

Willingness to Learn

We have a passion for creativity and innovation, and a real need to push boundaries. This means we have escaped our fear of failure – and gives us a willingness to learn and grow.

Helping each other succeed

We will always listen first and get an understanding of what is being said. In saying this, we will always have a point of view and strive to back it up. This gives us the ability to challenge with respect and then provide an alternate solution.

Being the best we can

We take our own advice – we measure our performance and we work hard to close those gaps. This means we do the right job the first time, and that we are immensely proud of what we do.