Self-managed cloud platform for utilities

Scale across billing, retail, wholesale and risk in rapid time.

Ignite’s Cloud Utilities Platform is a culmination of Ignite’s extensive experience working with utility organisations to create visibility across data sources to enable increases in profitability and efficiency or reduction of risk.

Our Cloud Utilities Platform is an accelerated cloud data platform that combines industry-leading methodologies with advanced technology offerings.

Quick to stand up and connect with internal and external sources, scale your business across billing, retail, wholesale and risk.

Visualise Business and Operational Performance

Quickly gauge business operations and performance at a glance with custom reporting and on demand access to insights.

Advanced Analytics

Differentiate and unlock value from your data with advanced analytics capability. Based on Databricks, the Ignite Cloud Utilities Platform lets you manage ML and AI models, from initial prototyping and challenger versions to deployed champion models.

Ready, Set, Data

Access business-ready data for ad-hoc scenarios or innovate on new opportunities, such as:

Simplified, Integrated, Unified, Secure

A scalable, unified platform for all data/integration types (unstructured, streaming, API’s and more). Scalable as your business, sources and needs evolve. Locked down with robust security protocols within VPN network with multi-level security frameworks.


We believe in simplifying data for the energy transition.
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Platform Architecture

Utilities Clients

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