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The synergy of bringing these areas together in the right way allows an organisation to exploit data and tackle both current and future challenges

Having a clear Strategy sets a common understanding, guides your direction and ensures you are aligned to overall company objectives

Strategy and Architecture

We all love it when a plan comes together – but the important part is having the right experience and knowledge to get the plan in place to start with and know how to position execution for success. With experience setting direction, leading, delivering and supporting data and analytics capabilities across a number of leading global organisations, we are well placed to understand what works, what doesn’t whilst anticipating the needs of the future.

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The application of Advanced Analytics allows you to explore new insights and quickly prove the value of the next potential opportunity. A clear Performance Intelligence framework will allow the metrics for monitoring and analysis to align, rollup and allow effective running of the business.

Actionable Analytics

Insight without action is pointless. With a focus on delivering outcomes, not just technical solutions, we seek to provide a capability that will truly enable action from your data. We see this as covering two key aspects to enable success:

Advanced Analytics: The application of data science techniques through short, sharp Proof of Values (PoV), to disrupt and grow your business.

Performance Intelligence: Having the right framework to measure, act and run your business.

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Solution Implementation provides the backbone to ensure you have the capability to support the needs of your organisation and ability to utilise repeatable insights that are uncovered

Solution Implementation

One-off insights are great, but the real benefit comes with the capability to design and deliver solutions into running production landscapes to provide repeatable insights. Our resources can provide technical leadership and in-depth experience in end-to-end delivery of data and analytics solutions. We have specialist capability in the Azure Analytics Ecosystem and SAP HANA, including add-on capabilities for Predictive Analytics, R-Server and Hadoop. We can help setup effective delivery models to support agile delivery as well as provide internal uplift (with the aim to help you build up your own capability long-term).

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