How do you realise sustainable and repeatable value from your data?

Organise your data with a modern data platform, providing a complete solution for the processing, analysing, and presenting data.

What is a Data Platform Build?

Ignite implement an integrated data platform that enables the core building blocks for your use cases. Our Data Platform Build Service delivers:

Sound familiar?

Gain Foundational Capability

Unsure how to get started with a modern data analytics capability?

Use Cases

Developed use cases that you can’t operationalise?

Scale Up

Concerned on the reliability, future scalability, and security of your data analytics ecosystem?

Future Proof

Have architecture that is struggling to deliver the capability needs of users?

Talk to us to understand the constraints your data investment is facing, and how Ignite can get it on the right track.

What's your data constraint?

Take a holistic approach to realising the value in your data, or bring in our data experts on-demand.


of Value

Product Build

Manage + Grow


We believe the best results come when data enables people.

Contact us to find out how we can enable yours.