Data Strategy

Identifying the commercial opportunities that lie in data, and outlining the plan to realise these opportunities.

Managing your data project has equal importance to the technology deployed to deliver it. Working with Ignite’s leadership team, we develop a common understanding and clearly define goals across your organisation around the capabilities that will be used to collect, optimise, and leverage data to efficiently run and grow the business.

With a considered strategy in place, we can guide your team to make informed decisions based on your data, keep your data safe and compliant, and ensure that your data is being utilised in the manner required to achieve your businesses goals.

We approach the creation of a strategy through a few key streams:

The application of data science is generally the investigation and testing of a hypothesis. The reality with any such testing is that the identification of value is not guaranteed, with the risk that, if left open-ended it may result in resource consuming, costly, and never-ending analysis.

We recommend time-boxed ‘proof of value’ scenarios to reduce this risk. With clearly defined timeframes and success criteria, we give sponsors confidence that time and money are not being wasted “just experimenting” whilst allowing for the exploratory nature of data science.

Proof of Value

Evaluate the potential success of a project, giving confidence that time and money are not being wasted on experimentation

Data Architecture

Describing how data is collected, stored, transformed, distributed, and consumed, both economically and securely.

Your data infrastructure is key to supporting your data strategy. Getting the foundations right is essential to accelerating business growth and ensuring your project delivers its goals.

The key is agility. Ignite’s Data Architects can provide your business with flexibility and adaptability to rapidly meet business demands, providing data architecture that can be deployed alongside legacy infrastructure, replace it, or start from scratch – covering all the bases from setting entity responsibilities and data standards, through to data security.

We provide guidance and development across:

Working with Ignite, we will allow operations, finance, human resources – any business unit that requires reporting outputs from complex data structures – to not just know what happened, but why it happened.

Our delivery leadership can help guide the setup of fit-for-purpose delivery models, be that Agile or milestone driven. Where needed, we kick start engagements with templates and accelerators.

Business Intelligence

Visualising current and historical data to measure business performance, enabling both real-time, and strategic adjustments to the business plan.

Data Science

Using statistical analysis, Machine Learning, and algorithms, to reveal unknown patterns, draw new conclusions, and predict future outcomes.

Access inquisitive, experienced minds to identify underlying value within your data.

To avoid the risk of “production prototypes”, Ignite looks to deliver repeatable insights in a sustainable manner. The focus is to ensure that data science ideas are incorporated into business processes and are being used by the personas they were created for.

We bring the full experience and accelerators of our organisation to every engagement. Incorporating best practice and learned practises for data science engineering.

Applying AI and Machine Learning to your business can be the key to unlocking unfounded potential. Deeper insights, faster performance, pinpoint accuracy. Forecast with your data through Predictive Analytics, automate daily operations and reduce time spent on repetitive, grunt work tasks, and identify patterns to trigger decisions in an informed manner.

With the full support of an experienced team of data engineers and data scientists, we can help your business uncover and develop the customised AI solution your business both needs and can evolve with.

Artificial Intelligence

Simulating human intelligence through data-powered solutions that streamline business processes and enable new business models.

Platform Build & Manage

Design, build and optimise the “plumbing” aspects of data assets to enable the confidence required to drive real business returns.

Building an in-house team to develop and manage your data platforms is an expensive exercise, often wrought with challenges and requiring extensive periods to provide a return.

With Ignite, you can access a wide breadth of knowledge to set up, manage and train your team to accelerate your data project timeline and achieve results, potentially even in less than 6 weeks. 

We provide managed service builds with end-to-end data management. You can rest assured your business’s data assets are well protected and functioning day in, day out with dedicated support, data environment monitoring, risk mitigation and dramatically reduced IT costs.

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